Over the last 100 years, the way we honor and care for our elders has changed dramatically. Without judgement, as a whole, we have just lost our way and forgot that our elderly are extremely vulnerable and are dependent on us to care for them on several levels. How did we get to this place in these current times?  There are several reasons for this:

  • Average lifespan has increased from 47 to 78.
  • Medical advances have flourished.
  • Families no longer live in one place.
  • Elders are no longer held in high esteem and valued as the wise carriers of wisdom and knowledge.

The result- a lost vulnerable elder population. INDGF awareness initiative aims to help people understand and see how we have an unbelievably large number of elderly worldwide that we are not set up to care for. We also need to support the family caregiver who is usually completely stressed and overwhelmed in caring for their aging family member. INDGF will provide insight and statistics regarding the numbers of elder and end of life people in our global community and the lack and gaps in ways to care and support them.


INDGF believes that education is the key to everything. Through free community education seminars, INDGF hopes to provide vital information to communities and family members on how to care for their aging physically, emotionally, and spiritually and how to access resources both locally and internationally. Understanding the needs of the elder person and of the caregivers that support them will help us to identify what programs are needed to build so that we can change the current crisis and lack of care for the aging population.


INDGF is a global organization, dedicated to the development and advancement of elder care and end of life care to assure that any patient and family caregivers journey is the most positive experience possible. It is our obligation as human beings to care for those who are vulnerable and need our support. There are many communities in all different parts of the world that do not have access to medical supplies, medicine, and medical equipment. Doulagivers has been contacted by several of these communities throughout the years and it was the bond and relationships with our global families that actually helped as a major motivation factor in establishing the INDGF. Through our organization, we will be able to reach so many more people with Doulagiver bedside care services, medical supplies, and medical equipment.


INDGF will provide under-served communities with free training programs and teachings so that they may build a resource center to care for their own elderly and end of life community members. We will do this in all areas of the world that are in need and will match them with support and ongoing education to keep them sustainable. We are a global community and all need and deserve the same education, kindness and support.

Ongoing Programs

Walks and Wags

Walks and Wags is a volunteer program to help support patients so they can keep their beloved pets at home by their side. Pets bring an enormous amount of comfort to people but they require care- especially doggies. Walks and Wags will provide scheduled walks to dogs of patients in need allowing them to stay with the person until the every end. Walks and Wags will also find forever loving homes to those who need to re-home their pet after they die. This is one of the understandably main concerns of a terminally ill person.

Adopt a Grandpa or Grandma

INDGF Adopt a Grandpa or Grandma program will provide regular volunteer visits to provide meal assistance and socialization to the elderly. Two of the main issues of our elderly population is the failure to be able to provide adequate food and nutrition for themselves. Isolation is also a major issue. We will help to make sure people are able to get and set up their meals. If needed, we will create a meal train plan and reach out to other resources to provide meals. Phone calls and visits will be implemented to create a socialization schedule as well as checking for any safety or acute issues.

Last Wishes for the Elderly and End of Life Patients

Many times there is a” last wish” or “last request” by someone in their last phase of life. This often times involves bringing a loved one to the bedside, or accomplishing a last task. INDGF would like to be able to support elders in accomplishing something that would make them feel complete. It is a gift for the patient and the entire family that lasts a lifetime.


If you light a lamp for someone; it will also brighten your path ~ Budda.
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