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Doulagivers believes that it is imperative that everyone has the basic knowledge to offer support within their communities in the elder years and the precious last phase of life. If everyone can contribute a little bit of time and compassion, it relieves so much burden from the caregivers and families so that facilitating a healthy aging process and a positive end of life experience for every patient around the world becomes possible.

Doulagivers’ main goal is to spread awareness of the need for communities to become involved in supporting caregivers and the volunteer work necessary to ensure that everyone can have a peaceful aging and end of life experience. The aging population is at an all time high. We are facing and elder care crisis. There are not enough elder care companions available.

Hospice is a beautiful concept, but most people do not understand what hospice does and how it is used. Hospice manages the care of the dying patient. The hospice nurse teaches the loved ones how to do the care. This is where there is a big gap in care and support.

There needs to be additional support and guidance to help families through this immensely stressful time. Hospice workers are stretched beyond their means and there are too many patients all over the world who are incapable of receiving the 24/7 care required at end of life to create a sacred, meaningful and pleasant transition from the physical world .

The International Doulagivers Foundation is here to give free trainings to people all over the world in order to help them develop their own resource volunteer programs to support their communities.



Our Values

Share the Skill; Change the World.


Our awareness initiative aims to help people understand the impact of the unbelievably large number of elderly worldwide that we are not set up to care for.


We believe that education is the key to everything and provide free community education seminars.


We provide bedside care services, medical supplies, and medical equipment.


We provide under-served communities with free training programs to aid in building necessary resources to care for their own elderly and end of life community members.


On behalf of the board of directors and patients of BlissfulSage Foundation’s Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice program in Belize, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to The Doulagivers Foundation and Doulagivers community for your generous donation. Your donations will help us to provide the much needed support to those in our community.

Raquel B.

Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice

The End of Life Doula Training was absolutely amazing.  It is such important knowledge that I believe it should be included in every high school/university curriculum; empowering through providing knowledge and a skillset that anyone can employ for a more positive end of life experience either for themself or when caring for those they love. I am forever grateful for this course and cannot recommend it highly enough. Not having a medical background, I was pleasantly surprised that the explanations of various disease trajectories and how to approach those in end of life situations were in a (for the first time in my life) easy enough to understand and non-threatening format! I would highly encourage others to take these courses.

Susan D.


Doulagivers training was a Godsend for me and my friends. I found the class while researching how to support a friend who was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive, terminal brain cancer. The class provided all the helpful information we needed to support our friend during his end of life experience. I gained so much through this course, that I ended up going back and donating money for the class! Do yourself a favor and take this course, and if you can, donate! It’s more than worth it! Thank you Doulagivers  for making a terrible loss a little less scary and much more profound. -Eternally grateful

Jana M.


I would like to sincerely thank you, with your help, I was able to learn what I can do to help patients and families who are facing the last stage of a person’s life and how important an End of life doula’s role is in this last stage.   I promise to practice everything I have learned in this training, to be a great listner, to help patients and their families, and to try my best to become the supportive presence needed in the last stage of a person’s life; and I would also help disseminate this information to the people I will encounter in the future. 

Edcell G. H.

BSN Nursing Student, San Beda College - Philippines

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