Collaborate on a World Training Day Event

How it Works:

When you are a collaborative host for “World Training Day”, It is one of the simplest and greatest ways that you can help in getting the skills of how to care for someone at the end of life to families and communities around the world that are in need of this education.

It is as Simple as 1 2 3!!

Steps for Creating an Event:

  1. Go to the World Training day page and click: "Host"

  2. Fill out the form. ( You do not need the event description or webinar link- we will fill that in for you! ) Put your name of org/company/person, pick either the 8am ET-9:30am ET webinar or the 8pm ET-9:30pm ET webinar that is Live Online, and then your email contact. If you have a logo or picture you want used- please upload where it says banner. If you do not have one, we will add one for you!

  3. Share the event!! We will have graphics, videos and text for you to simply share on your platforms!!

    This is one of the greatest ways for us to remember what is truly important and to bring back the foundational laws of our humanity.

    We invite Organizations, Doulas, Religious organizations, Individuals from every walk of life and from everywhere in the world to join us in this collaboration. “World Training Day” will showcase your event on the WTD Event Calendar and will stay up forever!

    *****Please Note***** For those of you who are joining from countries other than the US, Please consider using your Countries Flag for your banner so that we can see all the wonderful nations joining in this global community. We are making positive change-Together. Create a Facebook event so you can share it on social media.

    Please be sure to invite and “LIKE” the Facebook Page @DoulagiversWTD. Please invite your friends to please “LIKE”and share the WTD page as well. This way you also notify us so we can share it on our page. Fill out the Event Registration Form by clicking the button below .Join and share your event on the @DoulagiversWTD group and other social groups and platforms! 

    All Events will be posted on this website for people to see this global  community of care in motion.

    We are deeply grateful to everyone who is part of sharing in this incredible global community support. 

    Xoxoxo Suzanne