Our Mission is to provide awareness, education, support and programs to communities, patients and their loved ones worldwide to ensure the most positive elder years and end of life process possible.


The vision of INDGF is to increase the availability and access to high quality eldercare and end of life care for patients and families throughout the world.

Meet our Team

Suzanne B O'Brien, RN

Suzanne B. O’Brien is a registered nurse. She has worked most of her nursing career in hospice care and oncology care. Suzanne was immediately struck by this intense area of healthcare and the many gaps in education and support for both the patient and the loved ones.

In 2008 Suzanne began offering free community educational seminars at her local library.

These workshops taught families how to care for their loved ones at the end of life. This is ultimatley the concept of hospice care (The nurse manages the care of the dying patient and teaches the family how to do the care).

At the present time, this concept is far from successful.
This is due to the overwhelming fear of death (death is the 2nd leading fear in the US) and the late period of time that people actually go on hospice services. It was due to seeing this break in the system and the compounded amount of suffering it caused that fueled Suzanne’s passion to help teach families this life changing skill of how to care for their loved ones before they were in the stressful situation to need it. This training and concept proved so successful that Suzanne traveled to communities offering the free trainings and gave them on live webinars so that people around the world could attend.

In 2012, Suzanne went on a self-paid volunteer hospice trip to Zimbabwe, Africa. This trip changed her life. The people of Zimbabwe are so lovely and did not have much in terms of material things or healthcare. The average age of life for a female is 42 years old. It was on this trip that Suzanne saw people being trained to “sit” with the person who was dying and “guide” them through the end of life journey. Without the luxury of medications and equipment, this concept was so effective.

This reminded Suzanne of The Birthing “Doula” concept and when she came back to the US, The Doulagivers End of Life Doula Training was born.

Today, Suzanne B. O’Brien, RN, is the proud Founder and Creator of the award-winning program Doulagivers: End of Life Doula Training, Eldercare Doula Training, and Doulagiver Care Consultant Training. “Awarded Worldwide Leader In Healthcare” by the International Nurses Association for creating Doulagivers, she is also an end of life educator, consultant and author of the #1 International Bestselling book Creating Positive Passings & End of Life Doula Level 1 Caregiver Training (2015) — a guide to learning the invaluable skills of how to care for someone at the end of life.

Suzanne has always has always had a strong belief in charity and giving back. In high school at St. Jean Baptiste NYC Suzanne started The Hunger Club. In 1987 she volunteered for Northern Lights in NYC an organization that worked with infants afflicted by HIV and AIDS. In 1997, Suzanne Volunteered with The Astor Home for Children in Rhinebeck, NY. Mentoring a six year old girl (Suzanne to this day has a close loving bond with her) and in 2010 she volunteered with Big Brothers, Big Sisters in the Hudson Valley. Suzanne believes that a little goes a long way and for those of us that are in positions where we can give back- it is so important to do so.

"We are all in this together. By being kind, compassionate and helping out our fellow brothers and sisters, we can make this world the best place it can possibly be."

Suzanne B. O’Brien RN

Genna Williard
Vice President of Operations and Events

Genna has obtained degrees and certifications in multiple disciplines as well as having over 25 years of leadership, information technology, Medical, End of Life Doula, and Geriatric Care Management experience. Prior to joining Doulagivers, Genna spent a great deal of time providing pro bono work to those underserved by our health care system. It was in her work and volunteering efforts that Genna saw the lack of not only local community, but global, support for those in need of better aging and end of life care. It was very evident that for the demographic of patients that our healthcare system either underserved or did not serve at all, a great deal of change and advocacy was needed.

Genna joined the Doualgivers Team in 2017 in the role of Client Relations Manager and Lead Trainer. Her role within the company has since expanded to include work with the Foundation and Institute for Higher Learning. When asked what Genna loves most about her position, she answers, “It is wonderfully astounding  the number of students, patients, and families lives we can positively impact by providing this information to the community and students that serve.”

Genna started her volunteer and advocacy work at an early age. At 14, Genna became a candy striper at her local hospital. As a candy striper, Genna was given the opportunity to assist many people on life's journey. Some were coming to the hospital for a short stay, others to the hospital only to move on to a different form of care facility. Genna enjoyed the way she was able to touch each life individually. She notes that not everyone needed the same thing from her, but she was always happy to be able to do the best she could to assist everyone in a way that suited them best.

It was in her candy striping position that Genna’s desire to care for and advocate for others blossomed. In college, and for several years thereafter, Genna volunteered at a dental-aide clinic that went to local schools and provided care to children in need. Genna really enjoyed the time spent with children. Genna feels that children have a positive outlook on life that many adults no longer utilize.

Most recently, in 2017, Genna started volunteering at her local hospice. Genna saw the positive change an end of life doula can provide for families of all walks of life. Genna holds a strong belief that everyone regardless of any dividing factor, should have access of the skills an End of Life Doula can offer. So she started volunteering for her local hospice. Genna still currently volunteers at her local hospice while helping achieve the mission of the International Doulagivers Foundation on a daily basis.

"If we work to give a little kindness and compassion through our day, it can go a long way in changing the world."

Genna Williard

Jessica McCarthy
Vice President of Marketing and OutReach

Jessica has multiple degrees with emphasis on the impact of language on communication. She brings over 10 years of leadership, as well as experience teaching, international student liaison work, accreditation review, and grant writing. Prior to joining Doulagivers, Jessica spent much of her free time volunteering for organizations dedicated to children. One role in particular, facilitating bereavement care for children that have faced loss and their support network, was eye opening. Jessica explains, “Because as a culture we don’t talk about death, children are often caught off guard- they lose a loved one and don’t understand what happened or why, and the adults in their life don’t want to talk about it. There is a mentality that children are resilient and will just bounce back from whatever life throws at them. This is not the case. We can and should do so much more for children that experience loss.”

Jessica joined the Doualgivers Team in 2019 as Marketing and Outreach Manager. Her role within the company has since expanded to include work with the Foundation and Institute for Higher Learning. When asked what Jessica loves most about her position, she will tell you, “This is a position that keeps on giving. Everyday that I come to work, I know that I will get to help at least one person.”
Jessica has always had a passion for helping others and firmly believes that everyone has the power to make the world a better place and that through daily small acts of help and kindness we can accomplish great things.

“Helping others is not hard work. Try it just once; maybe you will like it. But, you might even LOVE it."

Jessica McCarthy


If you light a lamp for someone; it will also brighten your path ~ Budda.
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