/Doulagivers Level I End-of-Life Training
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Learn the Skill, Change the World

Complimentary End-of-Life Doula Community Caregiver Training


Learn how to care for someone who is dying through all three phases of end-of-life. We are pleased to offer Doulagivers ® Complimentary End-of-Life Doula Community Caregiver Training. The information presented in this training is appropriate for everyone: family, caregivers, volunteers, and community members. Participants will learn about the three phases of end-of-life and the interventions they can use to provide comfort and support to both the patient and their loved ones. This workshop empowers individuals to embrace the concept of community; caring for each other at the end of life.

What you will learn:

  • The three (3) phases of end-of-life:
  1. The Shock Phase
  2. The Stabilization Phase
  3. The Transition Phase.
  • What interventions can be used in each of the three (3) phases to ensure optimal comfort and care.
  • Application of the learning through the use of case studies with real end-of-life scenarios to reinforce the knowledge presented.

Level 1 has a suggested seat reservation fee of $40.00 that directly supports International Doulagivers Foundation, Inc. www.indgf.org


Learn About World Training Day 2020

"World Training Day 2020" Death is something that we all have in common no matter what culture, religion, or socioeconomic status. We believe that this education to support people to have the most positive end of life experience is a human right- not a privilege.  We invite you to participate and host a training event in your local community.